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The Security and Emergency Management (E.M.) Department consists of full time and part time employees consisting of a Director, Associate Director, Senior Training Officer, Logistical Assistant to the President’s Office, and eleven Security Patrol Officers (SPO). All personnel, regardless of title are able to perform all Security Duties that are generally handled by SPO’s.

Security is fortunate to have personnel with extensive law enforcement, emergency management, prior military or security experience to assist with the performance of College security duties.

All Security staff are able to be identified by their uniform consisting of an embroidered grey polo shirt, coyote colored pants, work boots, associated clothing and equipment to augment the issued uniform.

Responsibilities and Services

The Security and Emergency Management Department is the lead department for Hillsdale College Emergency Management situations. Security often consults with other College departments, the Kirby Center, Blake Center and with major off campus event management activities to have all efficiently prepared for general operations and special events.

In order to create a safe learning and working atmosphere, Hillsdale College Security personnel regularly train to respond to any type of emergency or crisis that may occur on campus. This includes training in conjunction with local emergency first responder agencies. SPO’s are trained in:

  • Advanced Trauma care
  • Mitigation of hazardous materials
  • Emergency response, de-escalation, mitigation and control

Security personnel assist police, fire and emergency medical agencies with both simulated training and actual emergency events and respond to a variety of requests as outlined above and patrol College property, residence halls, buildings and College owned grounds.

Service examples:

  • After hours admittance into campus buildings for those authorized
  • Provide escort for students on campus after dark
  • Enforcement of parking policies
  • Responding to suspicious situation and incidents on College property

Part-time Security officers serve to assist and support full time staff.

Along with other College officials, the Security and E.M. Department is responsible for ensuring that College rules, regulations and procedures are followed, with an emphasis on assisting all who request service. Coordination of activities is provided to local law enforcement agencies should a criminal complaint require support and to assist as needed.

Reports and documentation of events, as it relates to support the student body, is a crucial mission of the Security Department. The Student Affairs offices often need timely, and on occasion, on scene reporting to allow the Deans’ offices to better support student related issues.

Security is first and foremost a support service Department and serves to be the “safety catch net” for students, their families, guests of Hillsdale College, faculty, staff and visitors for any and all issues. If a request needs immediate support, especially after hours, Security serves to directly support the request or to be a contact conduit with other departments, insuring quick response.

An application (app), Rave Guardian is provided to students to apply to their cell phone (download the app). This app allows students to interact with friends, set destination timers for safety reasons and contact Security with important messages. Please contact Security for download and application instructions.

Life Threatening Emergencies Dial 911


Dial 911 and then call (517) 398-1522 (Security Patrol). As the Security and E.M. Department is a part of Hillsdale College and not directly linked to the public safety sector, a follow up call for direct support, to Security, will insure a prompt and efficient response to any call for service.

Non-Life Threatening Requests for Service


Dial (517) 398-1522 for 24/7 access to a Security Patrol response and Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. one may also call (517) 607-2535 for contact with the Security Office staff.

Office Location

303 N. West St.
Hillsdale College
Hillsdale, MI 49242
(Knorr Student Center-Lower Level, near Career Services)


Security Patrol (available 24/7)
(517) 398-1522
(517) 398-1522
(517) 607-2535 (M-F, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm)

Reporting Complaints

Should any student have a complaint, whether it be criminal or non-criminal in nature, please call (517) 398-1522 or report your complaint to Security, 911 if Law Enforcement is being requested and notify your resident housing Director or the Dean of Students at (517) 607-2333.