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Current Students

Life as a Hillsdalian

You’ve survived midterms, can quote The Nicomachean Ethics, given Mock Rock everything you’ve got, shared a lunch table with Dr. Arnn, and played Thatcherball. Yes, you are a full-fledged Hillsdalian. But even if you know your way around campus backwards and forwards, you’ll find these links useful.

Get Involved

One thing is certain: you’re busy. Somehow you find time for studies and all the other activities and organizations that are available to you on campus. If you need some more suggestions, try these links. And don’t forget to look at the many opportunities in the performing arts.

Clubs and Intramurals

Emma Dawe

With more than one hundred clubs, teams, and organizations, Hillsdale has something to help you polish your talents, develop your strengths, learn new skills, enrich your education, and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Clubs and Intramurals

Greek Life

ATO's around house

Best College Reviews has named Hillsdale one of the fifty best colleges nationally for Greek Life. Over 30 percent of Hillsdale students are members of the four fraternities and three sororities on our campus, which stress academics, character, leadership, and service. Their members are among our highest achievers.

Greek Life

GOAL Program

Image of January 2016 Humane Society

Twelve Thousand: That’s how many hours of service students like you contribute each year. Volunteering teaches the value of service, generosity, and humility. That’s why it’s an integral part of Hillsdale culture. The Great Opportunities for Assistance and Leadership (GOAL) Program connects you with the wide-ranging volunteer programs on campus, in Hillsdale, and around the world.


Hillsdale Sets a Higher Standard

The conversations and tight-knit community you experience on campus become models for the rest of your life. Hillsdale not only readies you for the world, we also set a standard for it. Here’s a sample of Hillsdale life.