You’re a Hillsdale Family now.

Becoming a Hillsdale student is a wonderful testimony to your child’s achievements and character. We’re grateful for all you’ve done, and invite you to keep playing an active part. Join our Parents Association, attend Parents Weekend, and read our Parents Newsletter. Follow the links below to learn more.

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Parents Weekend Spring of 2024: February 23-25
Parents Weekend Fall of 2024: November 1-3
Parents Weekend Spring of 2025: February 28- March 2

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Financial Aid at Hillsdale

Hillsdale costs significantly less than other nationally ranked, private liberal arts colleges—even though we refuse to accept even one penny of federal or state financial aid for student grants, loans, and scholarships. Our generous financial aid packages are made possible by gifts from donors across the nation: people who proudly share our principles of independence and self-government.

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The Parents Association

The Parents Association helps students and the College through fundraising, recruitment, and helping build awareness of everything Hillsdale does. We encourage parents of any currently enrolled Hillsdale student to help us tell more people about what makes Hillsdale a great choice—and unique in the nation.

Parents Association


Parents and Students on Campus Hillsdale College parent's weekend on October 10, 2015.

Why is Hillsdale College’s independence so important?

Hillsdale was the first American college to prohibit by charter admissions discrimination based on race, sex, or religion. Standing on principle continues to define us. By refusing even one penny of federal or state aid for student grants, awards, loans, or scholarships, we can be a truly independent institution—one not beholden to government regulations that conflict with our educational mission.



How does Hillsdale College’s value measure up?

Hillsdale is consistently among the top colleges in “best value” rankings by The Princeton Review, Kiplinger’s,  Forbes, and others. Thanks to the generosity of donors who share our principles of independence, integrity, and self-government, we can offer financial aid packages to 96 percent of our students, with an average aid package of $17,260. Hillsdale donors also make possible a wealth of other educational opportunities, including the largest college lecture series in America.

Liberal Arts

Parents and Students on CampusHillsdale College parent's weekend on October 10, 2015.

Why are the classical liberal arts relevant?

Our world will change—what it means to be human will not. We ask our students to grapple with the timeless truths and enduring questions of the Western Tradition. This develops a foundation for the rest of their lives, from their choice of major to their choice of career.